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Colorado Grown
& Manufactured

Did you know that China is the world’s largest hemp manufacturer and the ingredient supplier to many CBD brands? Hemp plants are bioaccumulators and absorb everything in the air and soil. Each Planetarie formula starts with only Colorado grown, USDA organic certified hemp plants.

We control the entire life cycle of our formulas, from plant to product in our cGMP and organic certified facility in Colorado.

Less Processing

All ingredients are sourced from reputable, organic, U.S. suppliers, whenever possible. We custom formulate each and every product in small batches to include minimal ingredients, which are all functional and intentional so as to be as close to nature as possible.

We believe in fewer ingredients and less processing, for purity, potency and effectiveness.

Raw vs “Cooked”

Our “farm to table” philosophy makes all the difference. Our living dynamic bodies recognize fresh raw foods closer to the earth and prefer them over cooked and processed foods, which can be leached of nutrients and health benefits. Think of fresh, pulled-from-the-ground carrots versus canned carrots. Canned processed carrots do still contain beta-carotene, Vitamins A, K, and Calcium, but in far less quantities and are less absorbed by the body.

The same is true with harnessing the benefits of the hemp plant. If you were to juice the hemp plant, you would get the raw acidic cannabinoids, or CBDa. By using our proprietary water extraction process, we are able to preserve the raw form of the acidic precursor to CBD, in the form of CBDa, which means you are getting the full benefits of the raw hemp plant.

Water Extraction

Only Planetarie uses a water extraction method to extract a stable CBDa as close to the cannabis plant as possible, retaining all the benefits while adding nothing of harm. This is better for you and better for the environment.

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