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4 Tips To Help Reduce Your Risk Of Injury While Working Out

Stacy Cason
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Planetarie Muscle Rub is made of organic ingredients that will pamper your skin, plus menthol and CBDa which penetrate deep into your skin to improve muscle recovery.

Getting into shape isn’t easy. The often contradictory advice from fitness gurus, celebrities, and fad diet promoters make it even more challenging than it already is. Where do you start? Which exercises are better for weight loss? Which diet do you follow? If you’re looking to get into shape and you’re not sure how to begin, try running. Running is an excellent way to start building the cardiovascular endurance you’ll need for more vigorous exercise later on, and it’s one of the simplest ways to begin. Much like other forms of exercise, there’s a right way and a wrong way to get started. Below are four tips designed to help get you going, while reducing your chances of injury.

Tip # 1 Start Slow

A common mistake you can make is to push yourself too hard too quickly. Sure, running may be relatively simple, but that doesn’t mean you need to shoot for a 5 or 6 mile run right out of the gate. Instead, choose a pace that isn’t too taxing and make a schedule. By sticking to your schedule consistently, you’ll start to build your cardiovascular endurance without putting too much stress on your body.

Tip # 2 Learn to Breathe Efficiently

A large part of your overall performance is dictated by how well you breathe while exercising. If you’re prone to taking short, quick breaths while running, you’re going to tire yourself out sooner. Instead, breathe in with your diaphragm. When you breathe with your diaphragm, your belly should inflate outward with each breath in and inward when you exhale. When you’re just starting out, learning to breathe right is much more important than the distance and intensity of your run. Make sure you know how to breathe before you start to push yourself.

Tip # 3 Focus on Your Footwear

The trendiest running shoes at the mall are not necessarily the best performance shoes you can buy. Shop at a store that’s dedicated to footwear (especially for running and cross training) and heave them do a gait analysis on you. Once they understand how you run and where the pressure is on your feet, they will be able to direct you to the proper footwear.

Tip # 4 Make Sure to Spend Time Recovering

Many novice runners make the mistake of overtraining by not making rest and recovery a part of their workout routine. Sure, you may be able to jog three miles a day seven days a week, but if you don’t allow your body time to recover, you’re not going to be doing it for long.

Rest and Rejuvenate with CBDa in Planetarie’s Muscle Rub

You now know it’s important to incorporate periods of rest in your training, but how you rest is just as important as when. Our Planetarie Muscle Rub is made of organic ingredients that will pamper your skin, plus menthol and CBDa which penetrates deep into your skin to improve muscle recovery. Apply it after your workouts and see what the power of our all-natural CBDa can do for you.

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