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CBD Basics: Where to Start and What to Try

Danielle Dreher
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CBD Basics: Where to Start and What to Try

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is everywhere these days, and it may help with overall well-being. You might be interested in trying it out but aren’t sure how to take it safely.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor before taking any drug or supplement to treat a condition. CBD is largely considered safe, but you should ensure that it will not interact with current medications or negatively impact your health by having an honest conversation with your medical provider. With a bit of guidance, you can safely and effectively use CBD to alleviate your health concerns.


There are two basic ways to take CBD:

  • Orally, meaning ingesting it
  • Topically, meaning applying it to your skin

Within those two methods, there are a host of delivery options that work for individual preferences.

One crucial factor to consider: Regardless of how you use CBD, it’s essential to understand what kind of CBD you’re using:

  • Isolate : a THC-free version of CBD suitable for people who might be drug tested at work.
  • Full-spectrum : a whole-plant product that offers CBD in its most natural form.

Neither of these will get you high the way marijuana does, but full-spectrum products can register on drug tests.

A new form of cannabinoid called CBDa is the chemical precursor to CBD and is how it’s actually grown in the hemp plant. CBDa can offer a more concentrated, stronger dose of relief for many conditions. Planetarie produces CBDa topicals and soft gel capsules that are created following a natural process that uses water to extract the raw acidic cannabinoids in a stable form.

Regardless of the delivery method, pay attention to your CBD dosage. Factors to consider include your body weight, the condition you want to treat, and specific body chemistry. Start small and work your way up as you learn how it affects you. Planetarie’s CBDa has a linear effect in the body that ensures a better prediction of outcomes.

CBD can be taken orally, through sublingual drops, capsules, drink additives and gummies. Look for products that disclose potency of CBD and dosage instructions.

In addition, make sure your CBD is high-quality and shop from a specialized retailer, such as Planetarie. This will ensure the product you’re buying is effective and that you can rely on the concentration and dosing information provided, allowing you to use the product as safely as possible .

Oral Ingestion

The simplest way to ingest CBD is with a capsule or tincture. Capsules are pills similar to others you likely take, while tinctures or infusions are oils that you place under the tongue with a dropper. Planetarie’s product line includes:

  • Softgels
  • Infusions
  • Drink additives

The dosages vary in these products, so you should pay close attention to the concentration and recommended consumption amounts. Just because a CBDa drink additive tastes good doesn’t mean you should consume more than the recommended amount. Planetarie suggests starting with 25mg and then paying attention to how you feel. You can gradually increase as needed.

Again, these products don’t have psychoactive effects, but taking too much might result in side effects like dry mouth or nausea.

Oral CBD products are whole system products, which means that they spread out through your entire body.

Topical Application

Topical applications can be a good option for sore muscles or joints as they deliver more concentrated relief for targeted treatment.

Formulated as creams, oils, or even bath salts, topical applications of CBD generally work more quickly than those that are ingested and can be targeted to specific body parts, making them popular among athletes or migraine sufferers. Planetarie’s CBDa topical products include:

  • Salve
  • Muscle rub
  • Body butter

As with most treatments and therapies, CBD impacts everyone differently, and its effectiveness will vary by the individual and what kind of issue they’re trying to treat. Think about what you want to achieve and find a CBD product that makes sense for that ailment. Oral and topical applications are both effective and can be used either separately or as a complementary inside/out method of treatment. No matter how you choose to use CBD, make sure you do so safely by using a quality product and dosing appropriately.


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