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Holiday Salve: How We Use It

Danielle Dreher
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Holiday Salve: How We Use It

Living in Colorado is a wonderful paradox: a day can begin with big blue skies and bright sun and end in blizzard conditions and knee deep snow. The weather is exhilarating and beautiful, and does a number on our skin. Here’s how we use the Holiday Salve to keep healthy in Colorado weather.

Treating Sunburn

On a recent cool weather hike, the afternoon sun came out as a surprise and some of us ended up with a slight sunburn. We used the Holiday Salve to treat the sunburned skin and get some much needed initial comfort.

Relieving Cracked Knuckles

The constantly changing weather, the condition of dry air, and the occasionally gusty winds create the perfect storm for dry, cracked knuckles, especially for those of us who work or play outside. When our knuckles start to get dry and begin to show signs of cracking, we liberally apply the salve to heal them quick. You can reapply a few times a day as you need. The relief is quick!

Moisturizing Skin

The key to keeping up with the effects of Colorado weather on our skin is a routine of overall moisturizing. The salve (in Pink Grapefruit or Unscented) helps to restore much needed moisture to skin where you need it.

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