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Winter Skin Care

Stacy Cason
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Winter Skin Care

We love winter: we love the snow, the crisp cold, winter sports, and the vibrant blue sky of Colorado in this season. But like you, we don’t like what happens to our skin in the winter. Especially where we live, the winter season brings cracked knuckles, chapped lips, and generally dry skin. Here are some tips for how to care for your skin in the winter. And we have a limited edition holiday salve that smells just like fresh-baked ginger bread and makes your skin feel great.

First, Stay Hydrated

The most important strategy for caring for your skin in the winter is staying hydrated. If your body is well hydrated, your skin will be too. Bonus: you can add a little CBDa Drink Additive to your water for all over well-being.

Next, Get your Omega 3’s

Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids contribute to healthy skin. Add olive oil, walnuts, oysters, or fatty fish to your diet to up your omega 3 intake.

Finally, Try a New Salve

You can spot treat your dry skin and your cracking knuckles with a salve. Look for one with natural ingredients like jojoba or coconut oil for chemical-free skin care. Our CBDa Holiday Salve is a warm gingerbread scent with all the benefits of CBDa, natural oils, and beeswax in a limited edition for this winter season.

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Stacy Cason

During 15 years in the healthcare industry, Stacy Cason witnessed the devastating effects of chronic pain and opioid abuse. Long been fascinated by the phenomenal benefits of plant medicine. Stacy founded Planetarie in 2018. Following extensive research and development, Planetarie created a proprietary water-extraction technology that leaves full-spectrum cannabinoids in their most potent, natural state. Stacy is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully exited from commercial real estate, crypto, and other businesses. She is an Ironman, an investor, a speaker, and has been an active philanthropist for many years. Stacy is a Harvard and DU graduate living in Denver most of the year.

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